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Andre Jump

Save a horse, ride a ski race

| Norquay Blog | No Comments

Help us invade the Banff slopes at Mt. Norquay this weekend with leather, flannel, and ten gallon hats. Mt. Norquay is proud to host the 5th annual Back on Track…


Blast from the ski past – which was the best 80s character?

| Norquay Blog | No Comments

Do you ever get the feeling that you missed one of the best decades because you either were too young, or even worse, not born yet? I wake up in…

Bruno Enlger

Norquay Run Origins – Bruno’s Gulley

| Norquay Blog | No Comments

Bruno Engler – Swiss Mountain Guide, Photographer, Filmmaker, Banff character One of the most famous of Banff’s mountain guides was also photographer, ski instructor, stunt double, filmmaker, storyteller. If there…


Norquay Run Origins: Eddie Hunter

| Norquay Blog | No Comments

hEaD Hunter – Eddie Hunter and 91 years of Norquay Much like a sports team retires a jersey, Mt Norquay likes to honour some of our Bow Valley Pioneers that have…