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Save a horse, ride a ski race

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cowboy-dayHelp us invade the Banff slopes at Mt. Norquay this weekend with leather, flannel, and ten gallon hats. Mt. Norquay is proud to host the 5th annual Back on Track Canadian Cowboy Ski Race. No belt buckle is too big for racing this Saturday, March 18.

This might be the only time it’s appropriate to wear jeans to ski, and ski fast. Check out the events page for the full details if you think you’re tough enough to hang with some the salt of the Earth Canadian Cowboys.

All proceeds from the day’s festivities go to Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine team. This awesome team of professionals is dedicated to helping Rodeo athletes by providing care on site at Rodeo events across Canada. They have over 40 practitioners working hard to keep Cowboys and Cowgirls competing through the Rodeo season.



Registration is from 8:30 – 11:00 in the Cascade Lodge.  More info on our events page: http://winter.banffnorquay.com/event/back-track-canadian-cowboy-ski-race/


Bruno Enlger

Norquay Run Origins – Bruno’s Gulley

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Bruno Engler – Swiss Mountain Guide, Photographer, Filmmaker, Banff character

One of the most famous of Banff’s mountain guides was also photographer, ski instructor, stunt double, filmmaker, storyteller. If there were mountains involved, Bruno Engler had probably tried and conquered it. As RW Sandford put it – “In many ways Bruno Engler is Banff. Even in the advanced age he embodies the carefree charm and youthful joy that many associate with the town and the park.” – (RW Sandford, A Mountain Life: The Stories and Photographs of Bruno Engler)

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Norquay Run Origins: Eddie Hunter

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hEaD Hunter – Eddie Hunter and 91 years of Norquay

Much like a sports team retires a jersey, Mt Norquay likes to honour some of our Bow Valley Pioneers that have been closely tied to our success and history. We will be featuring just a few of the many characters that helped us make it to our 91st birthday.

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Never skied? Part 2

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Part 2: What gear and clothes do I need?

With Mt Norquay’s first Toonie day coming up on December 14 we wanted to highlight the gear you need to not only get out on the slopes, but also be comfortable!

Skiing is my favourite activity in any season. The feeling is hard to describe, but once you’ve figured out the mechanics it’s like flying in a winter postcard. Who wouldn’t want that? Of course total freedom on the slopes takes years of practice, but an instructor can hugely accelerate that learning.
If you want to try out this sport here’s a quick checklist of the gear needed for skiing:

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lessons for all ages

Never skied? Part 1

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Discovery clinics at Mt Norquay

Have you wanted to try skiing but it seems a bit overwhelming with all the gear and equipment that’s needed?
Mt Norquay is promoting mountain sport through some special try skiing and snowboarding days called Discovery Clinics. Specially designed to introduce adults (16 and up) to skiing or snowboarding. Stay tuned for these special edition events here and book early as they will fill up quickly.

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