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Norquay powder

Ten of our favourite Norquay 2016-17 winter moments

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On this last day of the winter season at Mt Norquay, we thought we’d share some of our favourite moments from one of the best seasons yet.
Our long time locals like Eddie Hunter and Leo Berchtold still booted up and skied their favourite runs. Countless youngsters had their parents instill the passion of skiing and snowboarding on our magic carpet and with snow school. Just another quality year and Mt Norquay.

Some of my favourite days of the year were our events like 80’s day and the first year hosting the Canadian Cowboy Ski Race. Locals came together for the 12th annual Bozo Memorial Weekend and had some fun. We love to be a part of our fantastic community in the Bow Valley and Alberta.

I’m proud of our team for raising money for some great local charities with Toonie Days, which raised over $20,000 last year and it was only busier this year!

Most of all thank you to all of you that supported us through the year, but all good things must come to an end. As soon as we close, our summer team will be hard at work getting ready for another Via Ferrata season up on the Norquay Bluffs opening June 10. If we don’t see you this Summer, see you in next Winter!

S-games was amazing yesterday! 📸 @dinosaurs_will_die #banff #mightyquay #yyc #snowboarding #goggletan

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For some of Banff's best views, this spot is pretty special ✨👀 @mtnorquay #skibig3 📷@jasoncharleshill

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I was born too late!! 80's day at the Quay #norquay #mybanff @mtnorquay

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Tubing at Mount #norquay #banff

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Bozocup action #denimjacket #bozocup #fullrace @johnechrome photocred

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Look at me looking at my all time favorite view ☀️🏔 #skibig3 #norquay #travelalberta #mybanff #skithewest

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Another year, another photo 📷 #mtnorquay #staff

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Photo: John Evely

Bozo Memorial weekend 2017 Recap

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The ski racing and Bow Valley communities came together for the annual Bozo Cup race. It’s always a great spectacle and perfect reason for the community to come together and have a great time. Pete Bozinger put on a great head to head slalom event overlooking Cascade Lodge. Past and present Members of the Canadian Alpine ski team came out to carve out some exciting races vying for the $10000 in cash and prizes. Of course in true Norquay ‘fashion’ quite a few locals donned silly costumes and ear to ear grins.

Sunday saw the U14 and U16 kids hit the course on Sunday’s Kindercup. Shout outs to Karen Guidos from Three, Two, Done event planning and John Evely Photography for all the photos, and everyone who volunteered and helped out to put on a good show in honour of Bozo!




Norquay Ski Run Origins Rudi’s Alley – Rudi Gertsch

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Rudi Gertsch – Rudi’s Alley #11

Early extreme skier and star of one of Bruno Engler’s iconic Norquay photos

Skiing at Mt Norquay for years, I’ve always been drawn to one Bruno Engler image of a young skier in leather boots and classic ski sweater jumping off the top of the Cliffhouse with awestruck on-lookers below. Rudi Gertsch was one of the best freeskiers in Banff at the time and a great pioneer to adventure skiing in Canada.

Moving to Canada, Rudi started instructing and coaching at Norquay in 1966 from his native Switzerland. “Rudi was a top prospect for the Swiss National Team, which would have meant specializing in one discipline. His free spirit wasn’t prepared to do that; he liked all areas of skiing equally.” – Eddie Hunter, The Spirit of Norquay, 2000
Bruno Engler and Rudi were a good pair around Norquay and captured a lot of great images in 1967 with epic powder. Rudi was part of a the new school (in the 60’s) of skiers that wanted big air and deep powder skiing. It was the birth of freedom on the slopes and an attitude of carefree fun in sport.

The Shot – Cliffhouse Air

Reminiscing about the Cliffhouse jump years later, Rudi says “It was the winter of 1967. I had to come in at an angle to get enough speed and then do a turn on the roof. Without the speed I wouldn’t clear the cabin and the railing that ran from the top terminal of the lift. Speed was critical, I didn’t want to go too far, or worse, be short. Anyway I hit it right and Bruno got his picture.” – Rudi Gertsch, The Spirit of Norquay

After a few seasons in the Banff area working with Norquay, Rudi went on to found one of the first Heli ski operations in Golden, BC in 1974.  The Gertsch family still operates Purcell Heli Skiing to this day.  Rudi has been guiding for 50 years now, and with a little more grey hair, still loves to catch air!

Check out Rudi’s Alley (#11) right under the North American chair to pay homage to this legendary Banff and Golden skier – Trail Map

Purcell Heli Skiing

Rudi and son Jeff Gertsch – pc: Purcell Heli Skiing

Andre Jump

Save a horse, ride a ski race: Cowboy ski race

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cowboy-dayHelp us invade the Banff slopes at Mt. Norquay this weekend with leather, flannel, and ten gallon hats. Mt. Norquay is proud to host the 5th annual Back on Track Canadian Cowboy Ski Race. No belt buckle is too big for racing this Saturday, March 18.

This might be the only time it’s appropriate to wear jeans to ski, and ski fast. Check out the events page for the full details if you think you’re tough enough to hang with some the salt of the Earth Canadian Cowboys.

All proceeds from the day’s festivities go to Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine team. This awesome team of professionals is dedicated to helping Rodeo athletes by providing care on site at Rodeo events across Canada. They have over 40 practitioners working hard to keep Cowboys and Cowgirls competing through the Rodeo season.



Registration is from 8:30 – 11:00 in the Cascade Lodge.  More info on our events page: http://winter.banffnorquay.com/event/back-track-canadian-cowboy-ski-race/


Bruno Enlger

Norquay Run Origins – Bruno’s Gulley

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Bruno Engler – Swiss Mountain Guide, Photographer, Filmmaker, Banff character

One of the most famous of Banff’s mountain guides was also photographer, ski instructor, stunt double, filmmaker, storyteller. If there were mountains involved, Bruno Engler had probably tried and conquered it. As RW Sandford put it – “In many ways Bruno Engler is Banff. Even in the advanced age he embodies the carefree charm and youthful joy that many associate with the town and the park.” – (RW Sandford, A Mountain Life: The Stories and Photographs of Bruno Engler)

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Norquay Run Origins: Eddie Hunter

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hEaD Hunter – Eddie Hunter and 91 years of Norquay

Much like a sports team retires a jersey, Mt Norquay likes to honour some of our Bow Valley Pioneers that have been closely tied to our success and history. We will be featuring just a few of the many characters that helped us make it to our 91st birthday.

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