Norquay Snow School – Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why choose Mount Norquay?

Learn with a Smile! Mount Norquay is dedicated in providing every student with a fun, active and safe learning environment to develop their skiing and snowboarding skills. From group programs to private lessons, we strive to build confidence on the slopes through our love of the sport. We have a diverse base of instructors with training in child specific development to CSIA/CASI level 3’s & 4’s for our most advanced training. Our team is devoted to the safety of every student, and aims to provide a memorable experience for the whole family.

What programs are available?

We offer a wide variety of programs from children’s lessons to adult and senior’s lessons. Beginners and experts alike are encouraged to come and find out why we have one of the largest and longest running programs in the country. Our beginner terrain has been newly expanded providing further access to the mountain for our guests. Whether you’re looking to introduce your young ones to skiing or snowboarding, aiming to challenge yourselves, or interested in a new social activity, contact us for a program suitable for you. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Enquire and we’d be happy to see what we can create for you.

How young do you start your lessons?

We begin our ski lessons at age 3. Either private lessons or small group sizes are offered for children aged 3-5 in one hour and two-hour lessons. Children over the age of 6 may choose between half-day and full day programs. Private snowboard lessons begin at age 6, while group lessons are reserved for children 8 and up.

What should I bring?

The weather in the mountains can be extremely variable. Make sure you are dressed appropriately with warm clothing, eye protection (goggles or sunglasses), snow pants & jacket, gloves/mittens etc. Rental equipment is available on site /your-mountain/rentals/ Helmets are mandatory for children’s lessons. Please remember your child’s lift ticket, lunch, and any other necessary items for the day. A few dollars for hot chocolate or hand warmers on cold days can also help with cold weather.

Where do I go when I arrive?

Please check in at the Ski School Desk located in the main lodge next to the cafeteria. Our front desk agent will get you set up and ready to go to meet your instructors outside at our Lesson meeting spot.

When should I get there?

It is best to arrive about an hour before your lesson if you require getting ready and rental equipment. This will allow you enough time to relax and enjoy your experience rather than be rushed before hitting the snow. Please check-in no later than 30 minutes prior to your lesson start time.

Should I make a reservation?

We strongly recommend that you make a reservation by calling our reservations at 403-760-7716 (in-season). Our staff members will be happy to guide you through the process and answer any other questions that you may have.

Arriving late

If you know you will be arriving late, or unable to attend, please let us know. Call 403-760-7716 or email Groups will not wait longer than 5-10 minutes past the start of the lesson. After this point they will go ski a lap and check back in for you. Please give us a call in advance to avoid class disruption and any disappointment. If you are beyond 20-30 minutes late, please be prepared to join the class at lunch. Just as students miss days; so do our instructors. If for some reason, our instructors are unable to teach their class, a substitute will be provided. We will do our best to keep the same instructor for the entire program however we cannot guarantee it 100% of the time. We will do our best to communicate any issues that will result in a substitute teacher for the remaining of any program.

Can I Request an Instructor?

Absolutely. We encourage you to request your favourite instructors.

Is it customary to tip an Instructor?

Gratuities for our instructors are always welcome. If you believe you have received exemplary care and service during one of our lessons, let us know! We have comment cards available at the ski school desk and your feedback is always appreciated.

Program FAQ’s

I’m not getting any emails.

Please send us an email directly at This is our primary means of mass communication and the best way to stay informed on all our programs.

What are Program Additions?

Program additions are value packs available for purchase during registration. They include an hour of daycare before or after a lesson, rental equipment for the day, lift-tickets, and for specific programs transportation. During registration please advise the Program Director of any additions you will require. If you would like to make any additions after the registration process, please contact the ski school desk at

How are the groups made?

All of our groups are created on the following criteria: Skiing/Snowboarding Ability, Age and Special Requests. Our primary focus is to get groups with similar skill abilities together. This promotes the learning experience, and makes for a more enjoyable group dynamic. We make groups based on age to encourage the social experience for our students. It is not always possible based on abilities to have exact matches in age, but we are always considerate of ‘age appropriate’ placements. Special requests will be taken into consideration, but will not always be able to be granted. If you have requested a specific instructor, groupings with friends, or anything that goes beyond our regular grouping methods we will do our best to accommodate you. Requests are dealt with on a first-come-first-serve basis and on a scale of importance. Please respect that we care where each student is placed and aim to provide the best groupings for all involved in our programs.

Where do we meet our instructors?

Group lists will be posted in the main lodge which corresponds to a group number. This number will indicate the sign number to meet at outside below the Magic Carpet. Once at your sign, your instructor will sign in your child. This number will also correspond to the lunch table number to leave your child’s lunch bag.

What is the lunch routine?

Lunch break can vary depending on the program and the busy-ness of the day lodge. It is most often between 11:30 and 12:30. Your instructor will have a set time at the beginning of the lesson. Groups will be supervised by their instructor. Feel free to join the group for lunch as long as space permits. Bagged lunches for full day programs should be left on the group’s allocated table in front of the Snow School Desk. Please ensure that your child is aware of where their lunch is. If any lunch is forgotten, $10 lunch vouchers are available from the Ski School for the cafeteria. Please remember to collect your lunch bags at the end of the lessons.

**Peanut allergies exist within our programs. Please be cautious of this, but note that the lodge is not a nut free zone. We ask parents to inform our instructors directly of any allergies as well as the program director upon registration.

Are there classes on the Family Day weekend?

Every morning the Ski School will decide if programs are to run or not in poor weather conditions. If the weather is too extreme to continue with lessons, they will be rescheduled. For all group lessons, an email will be sent by 8am the morning of any cancelled class. Any private lessons must call or email to confirm cancellations and to reschedule lessons at least 24 hours in advance. Please feel free to call the Snow School desk to confirm. 403-760-7716

Are there Make-up Lessons?

Unless the Snow School has cancelled a program, there are no make-up lessons for group programs. If you are unable to make a class due to unforeseen circumstances and would like to inquire about an additional date, please email the Program Director with your request. It is our goal to have the children as active and involved in the program as possible, but we will not disrupt other lessons to accommodate missed lessons for reasons such as vacation, scheduling conflicts, other sporting events etc. Private lessons that have been rescheduled may make arrangements for make-up lessons with 24 hours notice. Please note that a change of a regular lesson date may result in a different instructor. Please be sure to make a request for the instructor of your choice.

How do I get my Tax Receipt?

Tax receipts are sent out at the end of March for all programs. They are made out to the registrant. If you require your receipt prior to this time, please contact the program director at

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