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Norquay Run Origins: Eddie Hunter

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hEaD Hunter – Eddie Hunter and 91 years of Norquay

Much like a sports team retires a jersey, Mt Norquay likes to honour some of our Bow Valley Pioneers that have been closely tied to our success and history. We will be featuring just a few of the many characters that helped us make it to our 91st birthday.

The first of these legendary characters is our own ‘Wise Man’ – Eddie Hunter. Eddie Hunter was born in Edmonton, Alberta. His family packed up and made the move to Banff when he was eight. Eddie became a freelance cinematographer and has travelled the world documenting interesting stories and people, but has always considered Banff home.  Eddie’s most cherished legacy are his two daughters and four grandchildren.

Eddie describes his first memories of Mt Norquay “I am about the same age as Norquay: I skied it in the thirties. I was there when you climbed for over an hour to the start of the downhill in the Bowl. Your equipment fought you on every turn, but you loved it.” from his Novel The Spirit of Norquay.

At over 90 years old Eddie still regularly comes skiing on the slopes of Mt Norquay from his home in Banff. Although the lifts and amenities have evolved, the spirit remains the same and keeps bringing him back. We hope to see you and all three generations of Hunters for many more years to come.

Check out the inspirational story produced by the Rocky Mountain Sherpas of Eddie:

Also check out this wonderful Mt Norquay film that Eddie shot in 1969:

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